Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Movie Reviews

*****   Exceptional
****     Great
***       OK
**         So So
*           Blah

Ain't Them Bodies Saints is about a young couple (Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara) who have robbed something. When the police surround them and they are engaged in a gun fight, the woman shoots an officer. She's pregnant. Her boyfriend gives up, takes the blame, goes to jail, and writes to her every day asking her to wait for him. After four years in prison he escapes and makes his way back, but a whole lot of people want to see him dead for reasons that weren't quite clear (other than he's done a lot of stupid stuff). Excellent performances. I have no idea what the title means. ***

Anita is the story of Anita Hill, the woman who was sexually harassed by Clarence Thomas who was head of the EEOC and later nominated to be a Supreme Court Justice. She came before a Senate committee to discuss her experience because she thought it was the right thing to do. The senators treated her like she was on trial and failed miserably at justice. Thomas played the race card and accused everyone of stereotypically discriminating against him and all those old, white senators backed off. He ended up being confirmed which makes me want to vomit, but it's no worse than idiots voting and electing a predator as president of the United States. It's incredibly embarrassing society has learned nothing in twenty years and any progress that has been made was wiped clean with one election. It was an excellent movie on integrity and how that experience affected Ms. Hill's life. ****

Anita  I just happened to come across this movie while looking for the above movie and read the first line of description: "Anita is the story of a young woman with Down syndrome..." OK. I assumed that was it. The first fifteen minutes or so we are introduced to Anita and watch how much she is dependent on her mother for care. We also  meet her adult brother and his wife. I almost turned it off not seeing where the plot might go (because I failed so miserably at reading rest of the description on the DVD case!), but then the next day mom takes Anita to the shop she runs (or owns) and leaves Anita locked in the shop while she runs an errand just down the street. Obviously she does this a lot, but I kept thinking Oh! that can't be good and Oh! The movie is about to get interesting. Anita doesn't want her to go but mother assures her she'll be back before the big hand on the clock points straight up (about 15 minutes). Well, the place blows up!! Terrorists bomb the office where mom ran her errand and it takes out the whole neighborhood. This was an actual event and the deadliest bomb in Argentine history. Anita, now able to get out of the shop since the windows are all shattered, wanders the streets of Buenos Aires. Initially she is scooped up by a medical patrol and shipped to the hospital across town and then she wanders away from the hospital because no one is bothering to keep an eye on her! She meets all kinds of people who half-ass help her only because she follows them around asking where her mother is or saying she's hungry. She spends too much time out on the cold street in the dark sitting in the rain not knowing what to do or being yelled at by people who are too stupid to figure out she needs help. You'd think someone would have called the police. It was very frustrating. It was a very moving story about survival against all odds. English subtitles. ***

As Cool As I Am is about a teenage girl and her dysfunctional family. Her mother's parents were killed when her mother was a teenager. Teenage mom hooks up with a teenage boy who was raised in an orphanage and they have a daughter together. Sixteen years later the father is home for a week every three months and her mother, bored but forbidden to get a job gets a job anyway and starts meeting men. In spite of all the dysfunction, the girl is rather well-adjusted and more mature than both of her parents combined, finding comfort in watching television chefs, cooking, and her new boyfriend who has been her best friend for the past ten years. The theme and reason for that weird title is kids from normal families are boring...kids from screwed up families are always interesting and cool. It's an interesting human relations story. ***

The Big Wedding is about a very blended family with ex-wives, adopted kids, birth mothers, philandering husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, and how they all get along. All-star cast with Robert DeNiro, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfriend, Topher Grace, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams and Diane Keeton looked spectacular. It was incredibly boring. Not funny and not interesting, just boring. *

Blended is about a man (Adam Sandler) who's is raising three girls after his wife died and a woman (Drew Barrymore) who is raising two boys after her husband had an affair and she divorced him. Their first date is horrible, but the two families coincidentally end up on vacation together. Remove all the incredibly stupid humor and it would have been a good movie. It had some very sweet moments and tender scenes. ***

Boy takes place in 1984 in the New Zealand countryside where an eleven-year-old Michael Jackson fan, Boy, lives with his grandmother, little brother and four younger girl cousins. His little brother thinks he has strong superpowers because he caused their mother to die when she gave birth to him. His grandmother leaves for a week to attend a funeral (leaving all those little kids home alone!) and his father who has been in prison and shows up with his two loser friends in hopes of finding the money he stole and buried while trying to escape. The father is thirty going on ten years old, wears an army helmet, plays war, and Boy adores him. He brags to other kids about all the adventures his father has had, imagining various scenarios in his head. The reenactments of Michael Jackson videos are hilarious especially since they are set to indigenous music. It's a sweet story about an imaginative boy who wants to grow up. The accents were a little difficult to understand. ***

Crystal Fairy & The Magic Cactus is quite possibly the weirdest movie I've ever seen. LOL. Not interesting, just weird. It's about this American boy and his three Chilean friends and their quest for the San Pedro cactus which is an hallucinogen. They plan to leave for the beach, but at the party the night before they meet an American girl, Crystal Fairy, and in a drunken stupor, the American invites her to come along. The next morning he doesn't remember inviting her along and he's not happy about it. She's very bizarre with her New Age cosmic philosophies, but he's incredibly strange with his uptight geekiness. They clash constantly which adds to the irritation. At one point she returns to the room she's sharing with all these young men, fresh from the shower and walks around naked in front of them. They start calling her Crystal Hairy then Hairy Fairy.  They continue to the beach, searching for this cactus which is in everyone's yard, but no one wants to sell. Eventually they just steal one. They get to the beach, cook it up, drink the juice, and hallucinate. No great drama. I thought for sure they'd be vomiting all over or something. Crystal hikes up to the mountains, loses her clothes, then gets lost herself. It was very bizarre with very bizarre characters. Not sure what the point was. Not much of a plot or theme or message. Just irritating people doing irritating things. I must be getting old....**

Equity was about investments, hedgefunds, money, and sleazy Wall Street dealings...most of it went right over my head, but Anna Gunn who's character was an ambitious investment banker gave a great performance. **

The German Doctor was about Nazi doctor Josef Mengele's stay in Argentina with a family at their hotel during the 1960s. He is injecting their young, growth-stunted daughter with experimental growth hormones and her mother who is pregnant is given "vitamins".  He seems to have their best interests at heart and the Nazi followers around him idolize for being an outstanding doctor, but the end suggests he's been continuing the experiments he did in concentration camps. It was rather creepy especially with the dolls. Subtitles. ***

Ghostbusters (2016) with girls! Go girls! This, of course, is a modern remake of the original 1984 Ghostbusters. The original cast had cameo appearances: Dan Ackroyd was a cab driver, Bill Murray a ghost-debunking scientist, and Ernie Hudson was hearse-owning mortician. By the end of the movie I wondered how I missed Harold Ramis. I looked online -  he died in 2014, but all his children were in it so that was sweet. It had the goofy-stupid humor style Melissa McCarthy does so well with a few great LOL lines. The special effects were really good although perhaps overdone. I absolutely love Kate McKinnon. There is something so bizarre, original and wacky about her that is just hilarious. ***

Godzilla Way too much weird science and not enough human experience. I'm of the belief the basic theory needs to be somewhat plausible and this was too abstract and all-encompassing. If they can't make the science simple and secondary, then leave it out. The Godzilla beast was cool. He definitely wins the award for ugly, but the other weird looking alien things were too industrial looking - like robots or spaceships with talons. I still have no idea why all of a sudden these beasts were up and roaming civilization (Las Vegas!). The special effects weren't that good. The story was too convoluted and lacked in realism with little human emotion. The obvious death and mayhem wasn't even in the faces of the survivors. No one seemed to care...including me! *

The Hollars is about family. The mother (Margo Martindale, who I love) finds out she has a brain tumor and as she waits for surgery her husband and two sons keep her company.  Lots of odd characters, relationship issues, and a lovely dry humor. ***

In A World is about the voice-over industry and all their quirky personalities. Carol (Lake Bell) who's father is one of the voice-over kings,  is a voice coach and lands a voice-over job although she seems directionless, living with her father until he throws her out for his young girlfriend. I just couldn't get into it. It wasn't funny, it was a little boring and thirty-year-olds living at home irritate me. *

Midnight Special  Such a weird title for this movie.  It's about a little kid that does weird things...light beams come out of his eyes, pulling nuclear detection satellites from the sky, turning on cars. He can't go out in the sun without causing an earthquake and at night he wears goggles. A religious cult has been caring for him most of life and the leader has used the kid's information for his sermons, but that same information coincides with top secret government information so the FBI moves in. His father and father's friend "kidnap" him to take him someplace. They hook up with his mother and it's a mad chase to get him where he's supposed to be before the religious cult snatches him back or the FBI grabs him. Eventually he makes it known he's from an alternative universe where everyone there is like him, but they don't really clearly explain how he got to Earth or was born of these two Earthlings. It was a little too mysterious and far-fetched, not as interesting as I would have expected. ***

Money Monsters is a financial investment television show hosted by (George Clooney) and produced by (Julia Roberts). In the middle of a live episode a young, disgruntled investor who has lost his meager inheritance after taking the host's advice to invest in a major company  takes the host hostage, forces him to wear a bomb vest, and demands answers. Lots of movies about the sleazy world of investing lately. There was one scene where the host tries to get the public to buy the stocks in order to get back the lost $800 million dollars and save his life. I thought, Oh, so Hollywood...but the problem with this is America is a country filled with apathetic deplorables who thrive on hate and would rather see someone die on TV for the fun of it than help them.  For a moment expecting an idealistic Hollywood feel-good moment, I almost lost interest and then the unimaginable happened...not only did the public NOT buy stocks, but the stocks went down so I assume the public sold their stocks just to see this guy die! HAHAHA Very realistic! Welcome to the world of Dump and this was before he was elected. Good movie. ***

The Reluctant Fundamentalist is about a Pakistani man who wants the American dream, goes to Princeton, gets a job at a hedgefund as a financial analyst of companies, becomes very successful...and then 9/11 happens. He's constantly harassed by airport security and police officers, discriminated at every turn. It discourages and "hardens" him (his description). Feeling like he has lost his identity, he quits his very prestigious job, goes back to Pakistan, and becomes a popular professor at the local university.  When a professor at his university is kidnapped by extremists, the CIA, with no evidence whatsoever, believe he had something to do with it and send it a foreign correspondent to get information in the guise of an interview.  Extremely intriguing story of distrust and discrimination based on ethnicity. Riz Ahmed is absolutely GORGEOUS! All-star cast, perfect performances, very well done. ****

'71 is about a young British soldier on his first ever deployment. They send him to Belfast in the middle of the Catholic/Protestant conflict to try to "keep the peace". He finds his unit is there to support the Protestant terrorism of the Catholic neighborhoods. A riot breaks out in retaliation for the military abuse, he is separated from his unit, and they leave him there. How does he survive in a hostile environment? The PIRA are trying to find him to kill him and the Protestant Military Reaction Force (MRF) are trying to find him supposedly to get him back to his unit, but there is a whole lot of back-alley deals being made between the factions so it was impossible to know who he could trust. What a mess. Great performances. Horrible history. I went to Belfast in the 1980s and it was a war zone. I stayed one stressful night and left early the next day. Too scary. ***

The Shallows or "Jaws 2016". It's pretty gruesome. Girl (Blake Lively) goes alone to secluded, secret beach for some surfing, gets attacked by a ginormous shark but manages to swim to a little rock 200 feet from the beach.  Shark circles around for the next twenty-four hours watching for an arm or leg, and of course, the tide goes low (lots of rock) but then it goes high and the rock starts to disappear. Shark also snacks on three unsuspecting people who get in the water while the girl is stranded. The first guy he kills I cheered, Serves you right, sleaze bag asshole!  I guess I am cold-hearted. The beach is stunning as is the girl - I would like very much to look like that in a bikini although I'm still dumbfounded how it stays on her when she's swimming. The shark is pure horror, of course. This movie is not for anyone with a weak constitution. I considered not seeing it, but I am not much of an ocean swimmer anyway so I figured why not. Excellent photography especially the underwater camera work. Legs dangling, arms waving...everything looks like a tasty morsel to a shark. ****

Sleepers is about four boys growing up in Hell's Kitchen. They do something really dumb and end up in a school for boys where the sadistic guards torture, beat, and sexually assault them repeatedly. Thirteen years later two of the boys who are street thugs (Ron Eldard and Billy Cruddup) run into one of the guards (Kevin Bacon) at a restaurant and shoot him dead.  Another boy (Brad Pitt) who is now a District Attorney volunteers to be the prosecuting attorney devises a brilliant scheme to expose the boys' school. The fourth boy (Jason Patric) works with him to carry out the plan and take down the remaining guards. The all-star cast includes Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, and Minnie Driver. They are all so young! Ah ha! I now remember why we were so ga-ga over Brad Pitt. Excellent performances, outstanding movie, but disturbing story. *****

10,000 Saints Set in the 1980s, Asa Butterfield is an adopted, yet semi-fatherless teen who has a drug problem. After a night of partying, his best friend dies from a drug overdose and the one night stand is pregnant with the best friend's child.  They all end up in New York  with Asa's dad and the best friend's brother trying to make sense of life. Ethan Hawke plays the father. He's an hilariously easy going stoner with few parental skills and no filter. Great role for him. ***

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Women's March Olympia 1/21/2017

The Olympia Women's March expected about 2,500 people - they got 10,000! I was one of them! Because the organizers expected so few people the route was very short...by the time we got back to the beginning, there were people still waiting to start. Lots of people chanting and singing, carrying signs and wearing pussy hats. I regret I did not have my own pussy hat. Everyone was very cheerful in spite of the rain, but even the sun showed up for about an hour!

There was a designated protest song posted on the march's website. I practiced it, but then I couldn't find anyone who was singing! So I went searching and found my people. Here is the YouTube version of the song, written and sung by Melanie DeMore called "Put One Foot in Front of the Other." It's very catchy. I'm happy I got the chance to join a sing-a-long!

I am very happy to be on the right side of history and this was an outstanding opportunity to be with like-minded, intelligent people.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016: Review and Resolution

Is it really the end of the year? 
I can't decide if it flashed by or if it drug on mercilessly.


1) FRAGRANCE-FREE FRIENDS. Thank you to the people in my life who are non-toxic, social, and supportive. Especially the ones who email me all the time and keep me sane in my isolation. Thank you for the much needed communication.

2) ZIPPY! I still love Zippy. Great gas mileage, still running, and no problems.

3) HEALTH. I feel great for the most part and my latest blood labs came back outstanding. No thyroid exhaustion or other debilitating symptoms. I can thank the Paleo with a Hashimoto's Twist Diet for this success and I am still amazed I found something that really worked.

4) GARDEN - OH. MY. GOD. My garden was sensational. I finally ran out of carrots about a week ago and they were beautiful. My lettuce was the best it's ever been. The apples on my tree went crazy and I was giving away bags of them. My cherry and plum trees were fruitful. Few bugs and slugs and creepy crawlies eating more than I do. I think I finally figured out the secrets to success.

5) ART STUFF.  I went to an artists' studios tour in a neighboring town and met all kinds of fun people. Then I joined a drawing group. We get together once every other week and draw stuff. Few people wear anything smelly and only once was I unable to go into a location due to air fresheners. It can be intimidating, stressful, and embarrassing since most of these people are professional artists, but I look forward to it and it serves as a much needed opportunity for socializing.

6) HOUSE. My house is safe and lovely, old and dependable. I'd still really love to move to some place smaller and in a different area, but until I am able to do so, this house is a life saver.

7) COB HOUSE TOUR. I went on the cob house tour in southern Oregon. I've wanted to do that for years. It was fun and interesting.

8) PERSONAL LEGACY. I voted for Hillary Clinton and I am proud to be on the right side of history. I would not want to be the person who voted for Hitler and had to make embarrassing excuses for my bad behavior for the rest of my deplorable life.

9) MY BLOG. As always it provides entertainment, communication and therapy. Although there have been moments I think I should delete it and most of my posts are now limited to the latest articles, occasional political rant, or my monthly movie reviews, it's my hope that all the old posts may still help chemical sensitive newbies find their way so the blog stays.


1) MONEY. I'm happy to make money, I'm not happy I don't make enough. No matter how much I work, there is never enough and it seems to dwindle a little more every year.

2) DOCTORS. I made a New Year's resolution last year to avoid doctors and I succeeded in spending absolutely nothing on health care for twelve months! I'm happy to have one year of absolutely no expense, frustration, and anger that comes with cavorting with doctors, However, I'm perpetually pissed about the incompetence of the medical system so I put "Doctors" in the Not Sure category since happiness and anger tend to cancel each other out.

2) WORK. I'm happy to be working for the money, I just wish I was independently wealthy so I didn't have to work.


1) DUMP. Hateful, vengeful, shortsighted, incredibly stupid Americans elected to the presidency a misogynistic, sexist, racist, ignorant, sociopathic con-artist who acts like a twelve year old most of the time. This isn't even an issue of politics. In the past when my candidate didn't win, I still had confidence the president-elect was experienced, competent, professional, and had the country's best interests at heart even if his politics were different. I, like many others, have no confidence in this buffoon who's main form of communication is pathological lying peppered with insults, rants, temper tantrums, and disrespectful bullying as he tweets like an immature teenager. Even the Bushes did not vote for this ass. That's saying something.

Along the same lines, Russians are reading my blog. The last time I checked my stats Americans logged in 1240 times and Russians 786! All other nationalities are in the single or double digits. So weird. Why are Russians in my business now? And I'm writing about the Dump again so I'm sure the Russian stats will increase. I'll never understand why the stupid of my country voted for the Dump. I can only hope he will be impeached for: 1) his outstanding debts 2) lawsuits against him 3) investigations into his fraudulent foundation 4) improper foreign protocol, 5) business conflicts of interest and/or 6) overall bad behavior that he can't seem to control. He's bound to slip up. He can't help it. We can only hope.


Well, obviously the crappy stuff outweighs the good stuff. Dump's win has changed the country and not for the better: Hate is rampant and it's a free for all where etiquette and respect are optional. Environmental issues are being touted as a figments of everyone's imagination and there is absolutely no hope anyone would ever give a rat's ass about chemical sensitivity with Dump promoting big business over morality. The medical system will continue to be useless, but insurance benefits will disappear. Women are now considered second class citizens to be objectified and abused at the whim of any white male pig or their philandering husbands. Immigrants and Jewish people are treated like garbage with homosexuals treated worse.  It's a totally different country now devoid of kindness and hope. It's not surprising to anyone that the Dump revoked all his campaign promises including "Make America Great Again". The Trumptards were so played.

Dump's New Year's greeting to the country:

Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love!

What a despicable, deplorable human being taunting people like a third grader. Compare it to Obama's New Year's message of hope:

Hooray Obama! Isn't he like thirty years younger than the Dump? He's not going away quietly. For that I am thankful. Add that to my list of GOOD things and that alone far outweighs all the bad stuff. Also, Baba Vanga, Bulgarian psychic who predicted our 44th president would be African American, also predicted he would be our last American president. Hmmm...Dump isn't going to the White House! I've never wanted to believe a psychic so much in all my life!!!


Throw a party when the Dump is impeached or whatever happens that keeps him from being president.


Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Movie Reviews

*****   Exceptional
****     Great
***       OK
**         So So
*           Blah

Allegiant is the fourth in the Divergent series.  A civil war is brewing between the remaining factions and the Divergent group go beyond the wall to see what is out there. Great series. Lots of action and strong women roles. ****

Austenland is about a Jane Austen fanatic, "Jane", who has grown up in love with Jane Austen books. Now as an adult, she re-reads, re-lives, or re-watches the stories constantly in her apartment surrounded by 18th century British everything and is perpetually single because she lives her life in this fantasy. She decides to spend her life savings on a vacation to the Austenland resort which guarantees total cultural immersion and romance. Unfortunately she can only afford the cheap rate: accommodations in the servant's quarters, dowdy dresses, no extras. The other women are caricatures of comedy, goofy, silly to the point of irritation. The resort actors paid to woo them are equally animated. The first half of the movie I kept thinking whoever wrote this HATES Jane Austen fans. However, Jane keeps taking walks on the grounds in order to escape the boredom of perpetual needle point, the irritation of the cackling guests, or the frustration of being treated like she is second class. She meets one of the hired help and begins her own private romance away from the manor with the stable boy. Then the scowling, gorgeous Mr. Darcy-like character flirts. She begins to feel confused between reality and fantasy. There were times the stupid humor was irritating and I think the main character could have been written better. Well, the whole movie could have been written better as it had way more potential than what it delivered, but I liked the idea and I liked the climax where the fantasy all comes falling down around her. ***

The Answer Man is about an author who writes a book called Me and God filled with questions to and answers from God. Everyone thinks he talks to God and his fans besiege him for answers to their burning questions.  He's an angry guy and somewhat reclusive secluded in his stunning New York apartment lined with bookshelves. He spends much of his time trying to figure out how to really talk to God. Then he starts interacting with people and those encounters change his life. It was good . ****

Birth is about a widow (Nicole Kidman) whose husband has been dead for ten years and she's about to remarry. A ten-year old boy shows up on her doorstep, claims to be her dead husband, and begs her not to marry as it would be a mistake. He convincingly knows intimate details of her life and her dead husband's life.  The whole thing is very weird. First, the woman's family invites the kid to stay with them. Personally I'd be curious, but I'd be appropriately creeped out and wouldn't invite him for overnights. If your kid started acting weird and a strange family invited him to move in with them, would you think that is acceptable? Second, Nicole is naked in the bath and this ten-year old walks into the bathroom, undresses and climbs into the bath with her. That was really, really creepy. Watching this grown woman who is convinced he is her dead husband and plans to run away with him was all very pedophilic and creepy. ***

The BoxTrolls What amazing animation! It was all puppetry. The characters were so outstanding and well-developed in their evilness or adorableness. Their facial features and the way they moved were mesmerizing. The special effects for the sets were outstanding, too. Darling story. ****

A Case of You is about a writer who has a crush on a barista at the local coffee shop. He stutters and gets tongue tied every time he's around her because he is so insecure. To compensate he finds her Facebook page and studies everything she likes so that when they do finally officially meet, it will appear as if they have everything in common and she will think he is the perfect man. I remember discussing this phenomenon with a friend years ago and how many people early in relationships will not be themselves and instead be the person they think the love interest wants them to be. I think she called it "reflecting." I spent most of my youth reflecting... Anyway, his past demons do reveal themselves so the audience understands why he is so insecure and afraid, and of course, she makes the mistake of telling him she's falling in love with him...which he doesn't trust because, after all, she doesn't know him. It was a very creative and interesting take on the love story genre. ****

Cold Mountain  How many times have I seen this movie? I've lost count. So outstanding. It's definitely one of my top ten movies of all time. *****

The Cove is about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan, the activists who are trying to stop it and the Japanese who are trying to cover it up so they can continue because they are greedy and violent. Dolphins are considered pests that eat the fish supply. The movie discusses the levels of mercury in dolphin meat, but how the Japanese are trying to sell the dolphin meat to the mandatory school lunch programs. The lead activist is Ric O'Barry who bought, trained and cared for the Flipper dolphins in the 1960s which started the dolphin show craze contributing to their exploitation, has been working for the last 35 years to free captive dolphins and stop the slaughters. Excellent, yet horrifying movie. So sad. I can't get the bright blood red water out of my head. Humans are so horrible. ****

Dear Eleanor is about a young girl who's mother runs to a meeting to introduce Eleanor Roosevelt, gets hit by a car, and dies never getting to give her introduction. The daughter and her best friend road trip from California to New York so she can give her mother's speech to the First Lady. It was about mourning and closure. The grief was good, but the rest was very goofy and unrealistic...they pick up an escape convict. Hmmm.... The scenery was beautiful. **

Delores Claiborne I know I've seen this movie before many years ago, but I couldn't remember it at all. It's about a housekeeper (Kathy Bates) accused of murdering her employer and a vindictive detective who tried to have her indicted for murdering her husband many years before. I love the quote "Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hang on to." Excellent story and lots of intrigue. Kathy Bates was superb. All performances were excellent. ****

Dirty Grandpa is with Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron. I had grave reservations about this movie and worried it would be incredibly stupid. Someone at the library said it was really funny. No, it was really stupid. I didn't even get to the point where Zac Efron takes his shirt off, and you know he does. Not sure why this kid who is a very good actor is in all these bad movies. *

Easy A is about an intelligent, witty, although invisible high school student (Emma Stone) who lies to her best friend telling her she is busy so she can get out of going camping with her and her weird parents. It escalates when she continues the lie and pressed by the friend, falsely admits to losing her virginity. Word travels fast. To compound her fall from grace, her English class is reading The Scarlet Letter, hence the film's title. Clever tie-in. I always like a good title. Since she now has the reputation of being the school slut, she decides to dress and play the part. Her gay friend asks if she'd pretend to have sex with him so he can pretend he's straight so the bullies would leave him alone. It snowballs from there when all the school's misfits hear about her willingness to sacrifice her reputation and they start paying her to help them spread rumors about their sexual desirability to increase their popularity. It was very creative and well-written. All-star cast. I love her parents - I wish I had parents like that. ***

Freeheld is the story of New Jersey detective Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore) who as she was dying from cancer was refused pension benefits for her domestic partner (Ellen Page). This is about her fight for equality which lead to gay marriage rights. Great performances. Moore's wig was cheap, ugly and a distraction. I know they were trying to make her look like the person the story was based on, but couldn't they find a wig that looked like real hair?? Who wears their hair like 1970s Farrah Faucett in 2006? ***

Four Christmases is about Reese Witherspoon and Vincent Vaughn who for years have lied to their four families telling them they do international volunteer work during Christmas.  They end up stranded at the airport during a snow storm and are interviewed by a TV news station about their trip to Fuji. Feeling slightly guilty but only because they were caught in the lie, they begrudgingly spend Christmas visiting their four dysfunctional families. I love the line "you can't spell families without lies." LOL **

Get a Job is about a group of young adults (featuring Miles Teller and Anna Kendrick) just out of college who are all trying to figure out how to get jobs. The underlying theme addresses the entitlement of this generation who have grown up getting awards for nothing, good grades for mediocrity,  trophies for losing, and praise for just existing. They carry this self-gratification, apathetic attitude into the job market. They have no concept of actual success, professional behavior, or working toward a goal. Bryan Cranston plays a father with an old-school work ethic who has lost his job and now has to compete with this younger generation. It has some LOL moments. Love the kid who gets a job as a middle school chemistry teacher. ***

Guernica was an historical fiction based on the true events of the massacre of a Spanish village just before WWII by the Nazis who were experimenting with new methods of warfare. Good story, lots of human interest to make you feel the pain and suffering. Beautiful scenery. Nazis were disgusting. The Spanish government has never apologized to the survivors of this village. ****

Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. I can't believe I've never seen this classic movie. I thought I saw them all. Other than the dancing and the singing which was passable, the story line was fairly appalling. Conniving asshole purposely and repeatedly steals girlfriends away from the nice guy. It was horrible. And the quote, "Women has to have things told the right way"...because they are too stupid to figure it out otherwise. Black face performances. The staging was horrible. In one scene the two actors who were talking to each other had their backs to the camera the whole time. Entertainment has come a long way since 1942. **

I Have Never Forgotten You is a documentary about Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. Lots of film footage, excellent story, wonderful man. ****

The Invention of Lying is about how the world would be if nobody lied. It was very depressing with people throwing insults at one another and telling them exactly what they think of them. Then the main character (Ricky Gervais) discovers lying and his whole life changes as he becomes better at it. While trying to comfort his dying mother who is afraid of the great unknown of eternity, he invents the concept (lie) of heaven and the "man in the sky" who makes everyone happy. It was very thought provoking.  The message I got was lying produces a much better and happier existence. All-star cast, even the bit parts were played by celebrities. ***

Joy is the story of Joy Mangano who invented the self-wringing Miracle Mop and sold it on infomercials with much success. She starts out a wife, mother, daughter, and granddaughter supporting several generations of her dysfunctional family and in horrible debt. As a child she grew up with a very active imagination creating inventions, but with more and more responsibility all that creativity was squelched. She's constantly being told she's incapable and then allows her relatives to screw up her life at every turn. It takes her a while to find her strength. Jennifer Lawrence who is one of my favorite actresses is, as usual, brilliant. Also included are Robert DeNiro, Bradley Cooper, Diane Ladd, and Isabella Rossellini. It was a good human relations story about perseverance. Really bad title lacking in creativity. ***

Love the Coopers was a Christmas-themed story about a dysfunctional family who goes through the motions of familyhood but they lie, mistrust, and resent each other as they meet for the holiday dinner. (Common Christmas theme for the modern movie....) The all-star cast made the performances excellent. It had two problems. The first was the narration. It was irritating and I kept thinking the writer must not have had any confidence that the dialogue was good enough to describe the characters and tell the story. I found it very strange and distracting. Then there was the family dog. Big, ugly mutt who was allowed to jump up and eat food off counters, jump up on tables and eat food off plates, and jump on people sitting in chairs and eat their food. This went on THROUGHOUT the whole movie. It was disgusting and unnecessary which indicated the writer was probably some bad dog owner who thought a bad behaving dog would be a gimmick to save the plot, again, indicating no confidence in the story. Bad dog owners always think everyone loves a dog. Now I kept trying to make sense of this idiotic inclusion and could only see it as a symbol of the family dysfunction. Bad parents are always bad dog owners and vice versa. They are incapable of raising well-adjusted children and for the same reasons don't have the intelligence and are too lazy to train and socialize a dog. Maybe that was the point? Then near the end the grandfather is watching his family and thinking wonderful thoughts and I thought, Oh, he must have been the narrator? I still didn't see the point of the narration though. Well, no, the very last scene is at the Christmas tree with only the DOG looking out the window at the neighbors' houses with neighbor dogs looking out their windows. The fucking DOG is the narrator of the story!  It makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever and there was no connection between the movie themes and the dog. Remove the idiotic dog and the idiotic dog narration and it would have been a great movie. The dog was a cheap shot. ***

The Meddler is with Susan Sarandon who plays a Brooklyn widow who moves to Los Angeles to be near her daughter. She is overwhelmingly needy and obviously lonely. The underlying reason for this constant "meddling" is she is mourning the death of her husband and is most definitely lonely and directionless.  It's a great story about growing old and finding one's place in the world after the death of a loved one. Sarandon had a great Brooklyn accent. ***

Meet Me in Montenegro is an unusual love story about a screenwriter who was deserted by a woman years prior after a whirlwind six week romance in Montenegro. She left no reason in her note and he was devastated. Years later after a break up with another woman, he is sent to Berlin for a meeting as a last ditch effort to resurrect his filmmaking career and meets the woman from years past by accident. In three days he is to return to L.A. and she is heading to Budapest. Great art. I kept thinking how wonderful to be young and foolish and carefree... ***

Meet My Valentine was about a control freak who finds out he has brain cancer and less than a year to live. He decides he wants to find and approve of his wife's next husband and his daughter's new father so he puts his wife's profile on a dating sight and starts interviewing men. When he has to list her interests on the website, he has no idea which speaks to how they have grown apart. She's has decided although she loves him she no longer likes him and is considering separation. His new-found interest in her sparks a romantic rekindling. I totally get the purpose behind his plan, but it was a little unrealistic if he thought he could keep his illness from his wife and then do all this work to find her a man WITHOUT her approval. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Needless to say it was very sentimental. Good performances. ***

The Perfect Man is about a man (Liev Schreiber) who is a pathological philanderer and his wife (Jeanne Tripplehorn) who finally gets fed up and leaves him. He's lost without her, crying, drinking, stumbling around. She wants to figure out why he is the way he is so she pretends she's a random, accidental caller and engages him in conversation. I don't know. I don't have much respect for men who have no respect for women and then whine and carry on like babies when they lose the ones they love nor do I have any respect for women who allow men to act like turds. I just can't give him an excuse and call it OK. ***

See You In the Morning 1989 Jeff Bridges and Farrah Faucet when they are young. Really boring. Nice 1980s clothes. *

The Silent Storm is about a minister on a deserted Scottish Island who's brain has been warped by thinking too much about the Devil. There is some strange history with his wife which leads one to believe she is in debt to him in some way. She's a closeted herbalist, or, according to the minister, of evil persuasion. He's religiously abusive. "OBEDIENCE IS GODLY!" A teenage orphan who has been labeled as a SINNER is sent to live with them so the minister can beat the Devil out of him through work and prayer. Before he is able to abuse the kid too much, the minister hears the call of God and craziness takes over. God told him he must dismantle his entire church, tied it to the fishing boat, and haul it to the mainland. He leaves the young man with his young wife alone together...and you know that was not a smart move. Beautiful scenery, great performances. Religious people are insane. ***

Star Wars: The Force Awakens  A week or so ago by chance I found out that Adam Driver was the bad guy in the latest Star Wars movie. Really? Adam a bad guy. With all that charming quirkiness he's usually in comedies. I ordered it from the library and while waiting for its arrival Princess Leia died. Watching it was my mourning ritual to honor her. Anyway, I failed miserably as a Star Wars fan. I think I saw the first two movies only because my best friend was a fanatic, but then I lost interest. This one was fun. It has all the adventure and excitement of the original movies, but the heroes are older! They  looked great too, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill (teeny tiny role!), and especially Carrie Fisher. As always I love the multicultural themes - all those species living and working together in harmony. Of course, the plot is left wide open for another sequel. I don't think Adam died...he'll be back. Great role for him. The night I watched it Debbie Reynolds died and it felt like my childhood died right along with her. I normally don't bawl like a baby when celebrities die, but this time I did. ****

Stonewall is a historical fiction based on the 1968 riots in New York that mark the beginning of the gay rights movement.  Great presentation on the civil rights issues and great performances. So sad how families have rejected their children forcing them out of their homes and on the streets. ****

Tenderness is about a teenage psychopath who gets off on the intimacy of killing women. He gets released early from prison and meets a stalker-girl who has been obsessed with him. Russell Crowe plays the detective who was on his case and tracks him after his release. The opening introduction is very intriguing with Crowe narrating about two types of people in the world: those who chase pleasure and those who are running from pain. Interesting movie. ***

Too Die For is about Suzanne Stone (Nicole Kidman) an exceedingly ambitious woman obsessed with being on TV as a reporter or news anchor. Her new husband (Matt Dillon) wants her to stay home, help run the family business, and pop out a few kids. She resents his attempt to deprive her of her dream. While filming a television special on teens, she begins an affair with Joaquin Phoenix (who is very young in this movie!) and manipulates him into killing her husband. Kidman's performance is amazing and she is stunningly gorgeous with her perfectly presentable clothing and well-coifed hair. ***

Unbroken is the story of Louie Zamporini, Olympic medalist in track who survived being stranded in a lifeboat for over a month after being shot down in the Pacific during World War II, then captured and tortured and kept in a prison camp by a Japanese psychopath. Amazing story. It never ceases to amaze me that people can be so absolutely horrible to others. Humans disgust me. ****

Winter's Tale I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. It's about a man (Colin Farrell) in 1915 who falls in love with a girl who is dying, but there is this battle between good and evil. Everyone has one miracle to give, but the demon who resides over New York hates goodness.... Or something. It was as weird as my description sounds. There was a whole lot of time travel although it didn't make much sense. It had an all-star supporting cast: William Hurt, Russell Crowe and Eva Saint Marie. (Where has she been all these years?) and then Will Smith shows up as Lucifer. Really!! He's got a great voice for the Head Devil. Great sets and atmosphere. The flying white horse was outstanding. It was a little too fantasic for me to wrap my head around, but it was definitely interesting especially with all that tear-jerking death. ***

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Movie Reviews

*****   Exceptional
****     Great
***       OK
**         So So
*           Blah

And While We Were Here is about a married woman (Kate Bosworth) in Italy with her husband who is a violist. Her marriage is not fulfilling, he never wants to talk, he doesn't seem to care about her even though he says he loves her. She meets a cute 19-year old boy who is goofy and fun and cute. Did I say cute? And she wants some fun in her life. I think sad marriages are depressing.***

Appaloosa was about two fine looking lawmen hired to keep the peace in a little Wild West town. Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen are yummy.  Jeremy Irons plays the bad guy and he's pretty hot, too. A whole movie full of horse-riding hotties. Rene Zellweger is the woman who bounces between them. Great western. ****

Big Stone Gap was a mushy, romantic, feel-good movie about a little Virginia town in 1978 and its inhabitants. Costumes were great. It featured Ashley Judd as an "old maid" with Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Wilson, Jane Krakowski, and Jenna Elfman. It was quaint and sweet, but not very interesting. The Virginia accents didn't feel authentic. ***

Butter  I thought this was going to be some mushy, feel-good Hallmark-style tear jerker movie and was very surprised the first time Jennifer Gardner yelled out the F-word. She plays a ruthless, self-centered, greedy butter carving contestant and with a lack of morality will stab anyone in the back to win. (Trump in heels.) Her competition is a sweet African-American foster child. It has an all-star cast featuring Ty Burrell, Hugh Jackman, and Alicia Silverstone, but the best performance was from Olivia Wilde who plays the village hooker. Great character.  By the end of the movie the Gardner character is running for a political office. Of course. ***

The Contract is about a father (John Cusack) who takes his son camping in the wilderness of Washington State and ends up running across federal agents trying to bring in a hit man (Morgan Freeman) who was on a mission. The hit man's friends are trying to save him, and of course, the government has hired one of the friends to take out the hit man. Excellent performances, intense plot, beautiful scenery, and never a dull moment. Landscape was appropriately rain-drenched, green, and authentic considering it was filmed in Bulgaria. ****

The 5th Wave is an apocalyptic movie about aliens who take over the planet in steps (or waves) such as electromagnetic surges to destroy all electrical devices, flash flooding, and a virus spread by birds. I'm still unclear what the fourth wave was.... The die-hard survivors including our teen star, Cassie, (Chloe Grace Moretz) gather at a make-shift refugee camp in the woods until the Army comes to inform them everyone is being transported to the local military base starting with children first. When the kids are gone, the adults are informed aliens are taking over human bodies and they have a test for children that is reliable but not for adults, panic ensues, guns are pulled and everyone is slaughtered. The army manipulates the children into thinking they are the key to saving the world when in fact the Army has been taken over by the aliens and the children totting machine guns are the 5th wave. If it wasn't so violent and scary it would be a great kids' movies since most of the actors are children. The first part was actually really great with lots of human interest and great special effects, but then half way through it starts feeling really staged, unbelievable, and even the acting becomes substandard. And then it ended at what felt like the middle of the movie. I think they are hoping for a sequel.***

The Final Girls was a very creative idea. It's about a girl whose mother is an actress and slasher movie queen. She gets killed in a car wreck and years later the daughter is asked to appear at the slasher movie cult viewing for the anniversary of her mother's death. A fire starts in the theater and she runs through the screen with her friends to escape and wakes up IN the movie. Of course, they know the movie plot, who dies, who doesn't (the final girl), heck, they know the dialogue by heart so they have to figure out how to survive believing if they survive the movie the nightmare will end and they get to go home. The daughter is reunited with her dead mother who is the character in the movie, but she hopes to save her thinking if she can keep her alive, she can come home with her at the end. It was very touching, but the whole idea was pretty weird and convoluted. I'm not sure why the characters didn't try to change some of the movie which might have changed the plot. It was all very bizarre and the ending didn't address some very basic questions: WHY and HOW and WHEN. **

God Grew Tired of Us is a documentary about the war-torn Sudanese refugees called the Lost Boys. When the Muslim Sudanese in the North attacked the Christian South, their mission was to kill all boys or if not kill them then render them sterile by poking holes in their testicles. Displaced boys of all ages fled their villages, separated from their families who were killed or fled in different directions, and walked hundreds of miles first to Ethiopia then Kenya to safety. With no food or water most of them starved along the way, yet tens of thousands ended up at the refugee camp just across the Kenyan border at Kakuma. This follows the story of a few of the boys after ten years in the camp who were granted immigrant visas to live, work and study in the United States. The cultural shock was really interesting. They are very determined to succeed working multiple jobs and attending school so they can help the countrymen they left behind and make a difference in the world. It always amazes me these young men who came from less than nothing are able to take advantage of the opportunities in America yet so many American youth fail so miserably.  Very sad stories. ****

Hail, Caesar! was a very strange movie about Hollywood filmmaking in the 1930s (?). It was slow and even with all the celebrities, I couldn't get into it. It wasn't funny and it wasn't clever. It was nothing. Either that or it went over my head. *

Horrible Bosses is about three men with three nightmare bosses. Unable to quit their jobs, they decide to kill them. Now, it started off really good with really bad work situations that anyone who has ever  been employed could relate to. The bosses are delightfully evil. Jennifer Anniston plays a dentist with a serious sexual harassment problem. Then the humor gets really stupid when the three dim-witted employees can't seem to do anything right. It's too bad because I think the writers could have made it smart and it had a great cast so the stupidity was a little unnecessary and surprising.**

How to Be Single is a comedy about four young single women (Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, and Alison Brie) living in New York each with a different perception of singlehood.  Great commentaries on gender differences. It was very good and thought-provoking, with some funny dialogue and clever moments. "Dicksand"...HAHAHA! Rebel Wilson had some great lines. ****

The Next Three Days is about an innocent woman (Elizabeth Banks) who is sent to prison for murdering her boss. After her husband (Russell Crowe) exhausts all options to prove her innocence and she attempts suicide, he calculates a desperate and very intricate prison break plan. Very well-written story, excellent performances, suspenseful, and exhaustingly thrilling. That last hour I was shaking uncontrollable from all the tension. Well-done.****

Ratter  Well, this one was unbelievably creepy and scary. I saw the previews and avoided it for a while then I figured it might be a good cautionary tale with educational value. According to the DVD case the definition for ratter is: someone who hacks personal devices to stalk their victim's lives. The movie is about Emma, a sweet twenty-three year old college student who moves from the mid-west to the big city. Like most young adults she has a laptop, desktop or TV, and cell phone and has at least one of them if not two of them with her at all times. The movie is filmed through these devices watching every move she makes: walking down the street, in class, in the library, in the coffee shop, out at dance clubs, on dates, with friends, in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. She has been hacked and is being stalked 24/7.  The stalker has various views of her apartment, listens to her phone conversations (she gives her address to a take-out place), tracks her geodata when she's out, snaps photos of her while she's dressing, sleeping, peeing or bathing, send her emails and porn from her friends' email addresses and deletes emails and voice messages from other people. He gets more brazen as the movie progresses, enters her apartment when she isn't there and even in the middle of the night when she is sleeping. It's so incredibly creepy. Little by little she figures out something is wrong and she becomes paranoid, but she never connects it with her devices. She keeps changing her passwords, but it does little good. I kept wanting to yell JUST TURN OFF ALL THOSE DAMN DEVICES! Why does everyone have to be ON all the time??? I find it really obnoxious. Give it a rest! And I'm not sure why it makes people feel more secure to talk on the phone if in a potentially dangerous situation. If you are going to get attacked, the person on the phone isn't going to be able to do anything but listen to you scream. Very creative filming and editing, great photography. It made me feel really paranoid and creepy which I am sure was the intention. ****

Rock the Kasbah was about a music manager/has-been rock tour promoter (Bill Murray) who in a desperate attempt to make some money takes his only client (Zooey Deschanel) to Afghanistan to perform for the troops. Her role is very small. She steals all his money and passport, leaves, and he ends up as a munitions runner in the desert. In a remote village he discovers a young woman who sings on the sly in a cave at night. He puts her on a television talent show. Hmmm...It wasn't very realistic. I mean if their culture would kill a young woman for singing in public, but this buffoon gets her on a TV show with very little effort? Didn't buy it, and I wasn't sold on Bill Murray as a leading man either. His comedy style felt outdated. Bruce Willis was some kind of mercenary and Kate Hudson a hooker. I lost interest in the plot about halfway through. *

Stay is about an Irish professor (Aidan Quinn) hiding in the countryside of Ireland with his Canadian girlfriend (Taylor Schilling). Both have emotional baggage dealing with relationships, parenting and children. It was a nice human relations story with lots of complex characters trying to deal with one another. ***

Stealing Cars is about a exceptionally smart teenage boy who ends up in the last-chance Bernville Camp for Boys with abusive guards and dangerous inmates. Excellent movie with lots of human relationship drama and outstanding performances. The use of flashbacks was perfect. All-star cast. Never dull moment and Emory Cohen is adorable and mesmerizing. *****

Take This Waltz was about a woman (Michelle Williams) who has been married for five years and they take each other for granted. She's bored and he is dismissive. She meets this dashing, gorgeous romantic who lives across the street. Most of the movie is about her falling in love with him, but determined to remain faithful to her husband she never acts on it.  It's very slow, but Williams is a wonderful actress and very interesting to watch as she can convey emotion with very little effort. The ending is very thought-provoking. I like a movie with a message. ***

Tarzan  Oh! My! That vampire guy is a delicious ape man! Great special effects swinging through the jungles, beautiful sets, great story, great performances. Jane was kick ass. The story focuses less on Tarzan's background (the one we all know from the old movies) and more on an updated storyline of greed and slavery. The bonus feature on how they filmed it was fascinating. A few cameramen went to Africa to shoot scenery, but other than that nothing was filmed in Africa!  They had huge sets of recreated jungles, CG animals (not one animal in the whole film was real!), whole towns and villages built, and extras as African tribes people who went through lots of workshops to become authentic. Don't miss this bonus feature. Quite Amazing. ****

To Write Love on Her Arms is based on the true story about a young woman who struggles with bipolar, addiction, and self-mutilation. The special effects when she's a kid were awesome, performances were excellent, the lead actress Kat Dennings was outstanding. ****

Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf? with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton based on the play of the same name. I've never seen this movie. Talk about dysfunctional! Boy those people never stopped drinking. They can't walk, but they just keep drinking and screaming at each other. I can't imagine living with or around alcoholics. Great performances especially from Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, it's very dated with excessively-emotional dramatic performances.***

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Truth about Cancer

October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month came and went. Once again my community was painting the town in toxic pink, celebrating how wonderfully capitalistic cancer is, and donating money to NOTHING. I've learned to block it out. Here's a great article on the sleazy businesses of cancer charities, particularly the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, from the website The Truth about Cancer.

The most enlightening quote from the article:

Despite what Komen and others would have you believe, breast cancer mortality rates are nearly the same today as they were 25 years ago. 

Yes, all that donating and all that walking do absolutely NOTHING to control cancer. The article exposes the sleazy financial gain of these companies including the annual salary of Komen's president of $425,000 (whoa!) not to mention the obvious agenda of doctors. No surprise there.

Prevention campaigns are ignored because virtually all of this money goes towards programs and endeavors that have nothing to do with finding a cure for breast cancer, and everything to do with signing more women up for breast cancer treatment and management

This, of course, supports Dr. Glidden's statistics that chemotherapy cures very few cancer patients. He also believes the only value of treatments is to line the pockets of money hungry quacks who get commissions and kick-backs for prescribing cancer drugs.

There is no magic "cure" for cancer that allows everyone to continue their bad diets and poisonous habits. I wish people would figure that out and then finally recognize the dangers of chemicals.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Multimillionaires Intolerant of Toilet Stink

Bill Gates wants to perfume the toilet pits of third world countries. He believes chemicals that work to shut down your brain so it is incapable of smelling are the answer to sanitation problems of the world. He believes if he can spread a few of these chemical toxins around the latrine pits that poor people will be more inclined to use them and then for some reason, the sanitation problem would magically rectify itself. The disease and bacteria would disappear with the smell. No one would care what the poop pit looks like as long as it doesn't smell. Or maybe he's thinking poop pit patrons with chemically-induced brain poisoning won't care if they are sick and diseased from poor sanitation?

You'd think a man with this much money and research at his fingertips would actually question the rationality of camouflaging poop pits with toxic chemicals. You'd think a man with this much money might try to find a better, more lasting solution that wouldn't create MORE health issues while doing nothing to rectify the underlying sanitation issues. You'd think a man with this much money would THINK, or at least be able to hire others to think for him.

So...in lieu of a rational explanation because using perfume as a solution to anything makes no sense what so ever...

I have to ask what kind of investments does Mr. Gates have in chemical companies? Perhaps this is just a financial windfall designed to support the chemical companies in his pocket?

When will people wake up and finally figure out these toxic chemicals are not options for health? Scented products don't make things clean they only make a smelly situation stinkier and life threatening to many of us.

You may read the article HERE or his blog HERE

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Solidarity Safety Pins

The safety pin movement started as a protest in Britain against the Bretix vote and in support of the immigrants and refugees who were being marginalized.  Those of us in the United States of America, former land of the free and current home of the brave, are protesting the election of the sexist, racist, xenophobic, ableist, Russian-supported sociopath who has created fear and mayhem with his hate mongering rants on deportation, his racist attitudes inciting white supremacy and violence toward people of color, his explicit claims that he can sexually assault women and get away with it, and his threat to dismantle environmental policies, destroy the Clean Air Act and give unconditional power to the big oil corporations. Money rules with this demagogue. Wearing the pin silently communicates solidarity and support to those who might not be feeling safe now.

Well, I looked at that ugly pin and decided it needed some pizazz. I don't know if this is allowed. Maybe too much decoration hides the pin and, therefore, impedes communication? I did it anyway. I added beads. Various colors of beads to represent all people of color, immigrants, homosexuals, women, and the environment. I'm including the environment because without clean air, clean water, and clean everything, the chemically sensitive aren't going to feel safe either...

Today I drove to a neighboring town and went shopping at my favorite shoe store. I haven't been in the store for a while, but my favorite salesman still remembered my name. After some discussion on the various styles of footwear, I finally noticed he was wearing a safety pin. Yes, it is very silent. I gasped and whispered, "You are my people!" I had my raincoat on and flung it open to reveal my own safety pin of solidarity. We bent toward each other whispering passionately about the protest. I think this is like being in the resistance. Except we aren't sabotaging anything or carrying guns...yet.

I'm pretty sure those of us who care about our country and the people in it will be wearing these safety pins for four years...unless the sociopath gets impeached which is a very realistic probability since he is so self-centered, arrogantly careless, inexperienced, and not so smart on so many levels. I'm hoping it's just a matter of time before he flubs up greatly and the GOP can't ignore it anymore, but I pray he doesn't take the whole country down until then. OR he's going to piss off the Russians and they'll send a hit man...

I still can't believe stupid people voted for a man who worked with Russia to get elected. Russian hackers (spies!) infiltrating our communications systems. And there are Americans out there who approved of this with their vote. Wow. So scary. It wasn't too long ago we executed Russian spies. Now they are cheered by the American ignorant for swaying the election while the president-elect puppet boasts of their ruler's leadership skills. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November Roses

In spite of the dark skies,
raging winds,
and general ugliness of the season...
beauty still persists.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Caligula Reincarnated: Lessons from the Election

Donald Trump spent the last year spouting hate and violence. He spent the last month screaming about a rigged election determined to incite his rabble into action should he lose. Now he's wondering why people are protesting. He's wondering why his followers are attacking immigrants or people of color. His response is to scream at them. Why not? Reckless, unprofessional behavior got him elected. The man knows so little about the office to which he's been elected and to say he is unfit to be president is an understatement. If it wasn't so horrifying, it might be really entertaining, but four years of his incompetence and hate-mongering sounds like the ultimate nightmare. It's bad enough I'm a woman who must now tolerate the misogynistic values symbolic of his ascension, but I am afraid for all the Muslims and Hispanics he's threatened to deport, the African Americans and gays he's disenfranchised, the sexual assault victims he's threatened to sue, and the disabled he thoughtlessly bullied. This is a man who believes he can do whatever he wants with impunity. The fear this man has created disgusts me. I would like to believe this is NOT WHO WE ARE, but obviously I was wrong. A little more than half of the American population voted for this pig and this election has defied all the values we teach as a civilized society. I for one am thankful I don't have children or grandchildren. I wouldn't know what to tell them. 

Lessons from the Election

Lesson #1: You don't have to work hard to get ahead if you have a rich daddy.

Lesson #2: You don't have to have any political knowledge or years of experience and expertise to become president of the United States, only Russian connections and a lot of brain dead followers.

Lesson #3: Lying con-artists don't go to jail, they win.

Lesson #4: Bullies aren't held accountable for their bad behavior, they win.

Lesson #5: White, ugly rich men with supremacist leanings are no longer considered scourges of society, they win.

Lesson #6: Any lowlife with little intelligence can be president.

Lesson #7: Women are to be objectified, mistreated, and used for entertainment.

Lesson #8: Most of America is stupid, racist, sexist and gullible.

Lesson #9: Morality is obsolete. Why care the president has been married multiple times, has extra-marital affairs (with 13 year old girls), or his third wife is a nudie model? How many First Ladies can you see naked online? Wow.

Lesson #10: Respect and etiquette are no longer required. It's every [white] man for himself.

Gregg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, very eloquently expressed what the better half the American population are feeling:

“Right now I’m just trying to formulate thoughts. It’s too early. I’m just sick to my stomach. Not basically because the Republicans won or anything, but the disgusting tenure and tone and all of the comments that have been xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic.
“I live in that country where half of the people ignored all of that to elect someone. That’s the scariest part of the whole thing to me. It’s got nothing to do with the environment and Obamacare, and all of the other stuff. We live in a country that ignored all of those values that we would hold our kids accountable for. They’d be grounded for years if they acted and said the things that have been said in that campaign by Donald Trump. […]
“The fact that people can just gloss that over, start talking about the transition team, and we’re all going to be kumbaya now and try to make the country good without talking about any of those things. And now we see that he’s already backing off of immigration and Obamacare and other things, so was it a big fake, which makes you feel it’s even more disgusting and cynical that somebody would use that to get the base that fired up. To get elected. And what gets lost in the process are African Americans, and Hispanics, and women, and the gay population, not to mention the eighth grade developmental stage exhibited by him when he made fun of the handicapped person. I mean, come on. That’s what a seventh grade, eighth grade bully does. And he was elected president of the United States. We would have scolded our kids. We would have had discussions until we were blue in the face trying to get them to understand these things. He is in charge of our country. That’s disgusting.”
A reporter then interrupted him.
“I’m not done,” Popovich said. “One could go on and on, we didn’t make this stuff up. He’s angry at the media because they reported what he said and how he acted. That’s ironic to me. It makes no sense. So that’s my real fear, and that’s what gives me so much pause and makes me feel so badly that the country is willing to be that intolerant and not understand the empathy that’s necessary to understand other group’s situations. I’m a rich white guy, and I’m sick to my stomach thinking about it. I can’t imagine being a Muslim right now, or a woman, or an African American, a Hispanic, a handicapped person. How disenfranchised they might feel. And for anyone in those groups that voted for him, it’s just beyond my comprehension how they ignore all of that. My final conclusion is, my big fear is — we are Rome.”

Yep. Caligula's Rome. 

Communities are seeing more racially-motivated violence, schools are experiencing more bullying, suicide hotline calls have doubled, and the Ku Klux Klan are marching. Then there are the children of our country traumatize because a BULLY has been elected president and schools are hiring grief counselors to help them cope with the stress. Children of immigrants are in a panic believing when they get home from school they'll find their parents deported. All this trauma has been labeled, "The Trump Effect." The Rapist President must be really proud! Trump's promise of Making America Great Again, sold and swindled to the gullible ignorant, is a lie. In a recent interview, the slime bag was asked if his campaign rhetoric went too far and his response, "No. I won." He cares very little for the fear and turmoil he's caused or the people he is expected to lead. What a self-centered jerk. Let the legacy begin.

Trump is Caligula reincarnated.

Caligula's reign of terror lasted for four years. Hitler was in power for twelve years. I can't decide if Trump is more like Hitler or more like Caligula since they all had/have the same agenda. Is it the same evil soul reincarnated over and over again? Sadly through the ignorance of people, history repeats itself. Civilization will suffer and years of multicultural tolerance, women's rights, and environmental protection will be rolled back a century. So sad.